Pics of my S4

Here are some pictures of my S4

I took most of these when I first got the car in March 2000. As always, larger pictures are linked to the thumbnails.

Driveway shots

Frontal views on my driveway. I had just put on a coat of Zaino Bros.





Some interior shots of the Silver leather with Birdseye Maple. I think this is a very classy combination although less sporty and daring than Nogaro with blue alcantara. I love that combo too.



Sorry, it was a nice sunny CA afternoon so itís a little overexposed. I suppose I could adjust it.....





Skyline Blvd, San Francisco peninsula, March 2000

To the near left one of my favorite shots, although the aspect ratio seems off. The car seems longer than it really is. Anyone dare to comment? Here my wife is overlooking the Silicon Valley towards Fremont. We had just found out that sheís pregnant so we had a lot to think about :-) The sun really shows how beautiful the Silver finish can be. The other one is obviously a solo shot in the same location.


A shot illustrating the substantial derriere of the S4. The side most Camry and Accord owners will see. The other pic is me, long overdue for a haircut. Even 9 months after taking delivery I still have a smile like that on my face when I go for a spin. Doesnít even matter if Iím going to work :-)



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