More S4 Wheels

More S4 Wheels


Diego's  BBS RXII

17x8 w/ Pilot  Sports 235/40/17( had Toyo Proxes T1-S before n ride was horrible.. car was falling apart) with the Michellins ride is excellent. About $415-wheel n about 150-tire



 Georgeís BBS CHís

Here are a couple of pics of my 2000 s4. bbs ch 19'' with pirelli 7000 245 35 19'' cost for wheels and tires was aprox 2800. The rear quarter view is before i put on the H + R coil overs. The side view is after the coil overs were installed. No rolling of the fenders was required as the ride height is not as low as it  could be. The height set of the h and r coilovers was partially dictated by the mtm exhaust (hangs lower than stock)   Ride is def. tighter with the coil overs and the stearing is more responsive with the wider/low profile wheels. Also has an MTM cat back. Have the vortrag vented hood on order. One drawback is reduced gas milage. Email is, located in Southeast Ct. (greenwich)


Jeffís Moda R6s

18 x 8 Moda R6s  with Sumi HTR ZIIs 225/40.¬  No clearance problems with stock brakes/suspension. Wheels $240 each at Tirerack.




Shawnís Axis Hagen

19 x 8.5 Axis Hagen Black Chrome $575.00 rim 235/45R19 Toyo Proxxes tires $250.00 Both from Street Concepts 714-412-1234 Garden Grove CA Suspension stock for now, trying to decide Brakes stock, still trying to decide, want Porsche  big reds. great handling, love the stock sus. ride quality. No rubbing 3 mill front spacer.


Winderís Mille Miglia Spyders

17" Mille Miglia Spyders. currently have Pirelli P7000SS's but going to  change them soon. they are way better that the stock tires, not as good as a friends S02's.. and they got noisy with age. i have MTM suspension and 19mm rear anti-sway. now, i need brakes... will have StopTecks and either Toyo TS1's or maybe Falken GRBs or posibly new Bridgestone PP-S03's when they come  out.


Bradís Ronal RTs

Ronal RT, 17", with custom painted trim (the inner portion of each dual spoke is painted black - that's why they look like the spokes are narrower than unpainted RTs).¬  Bought directly from Ronal, and they painted them.¬  Stock P6000's, stock brakes, etc.¬  Very happy with the way they look.¬  Only issue is that there's not much protection for the wheels - will have to be careful around curbs (wider tires might help?).¬  Lltek hex grill is the only other mod so far - but hey,  I've only had the car for 3 days :).


Christopherís OZ Superleggeras

18x8 OZ Superleggeras and Yokohama AVS Sports Wheels were the USD equivalent of $340 each (actually bought in Canada from Kal Tire for CDN$535) Tires were UDS equivalent of $235 each (actually  CDN$370). Weight of wheels: 19lbs each (without tires) suspension setup: Eibach lowering springs, no fender  rolling. Spacers used (but OZ now makes the Superleggera so that  spacers are not needed for the S4)


Zaidís SSR GT1s

18x8 SSR GT1 (ET35) with 225/40-18 Bridgestone Potenza S-03. The rims are forged. Wheels were $399 each, tires were $226 each. Wheel/tire combo weighs 45lbs. Rim is 19lbs, but tire is 26lbs. Suspension is 450F/500R Hypercoil springs with Bilstein Sport Shocks (specifically for the S4, not the revalved A4 shocks that you get from Neuspeed.) No aftermarket sway bars. Brakes are stock. Car handles incredibly well, almost neutral handling with only a tiny bit of understeer left. Body roll is negligible. I upgraded the suspension before I changed the wheels (had Avus rims with P6000's before) and the max perf. tires really brought out my suspension. The tires are pretty loud and the ride is pretty harsh on concrete highways, but on asphalt they're perfectly fine. No fender rolling, no spacers needed. My email is


CS22ís SSR GT1s

18X8 w/ Bridgestone SO3PP. Abt full  suspension and Stoptech brakes. Wheels are 19 pounds. No rubbing and no rolling of fenders required



Tedís BBS RCs

17x8 BBS RCs, with Bright Silver finish 225/45 YR17 Bridgestone Potenza S-03 Pole Positions Paid $483 per wheel, mounted and balanced Paid $235 per tire. All prices include sales tax. Wheels weigh in at 16.5 lbs. each. Tires weigh approximately 22 lbs.  each. Purchased it all at Parts & Polish in Great Neck NY. All other mods are cosmetic, and not performance related (i.e., audio,  security, tint and radar/laser). As far as satisfaction, love the way they look and they are pretty quiet.  Grip is excellent.  Just got them this week, and only had 80 miles on the car at  the time of installation, so really can't compare them to the factory AVUS  wheels


Sachaís Sportec Monos

Wheels: Sportec Mono 10 High Gloss 19x8.5 Cost:$478 per wheel $209 per tire Weight: 30lbs wheel 53lbs wheel+tire Tires: Pirelli P7000 235/35/19 Excellent setup no other mods currently, great handling a bit noisy however.




 Bradís BBS CHs

19" BBS CH's $429/ea. 235/35/19 Pirelli P7000's $205/ea. H&R Coilovers set conservatively.  No rubbing. Neuspeed Sway bar. This thing is on rails.  I love it !!!




Carmenís Kahn RS-S

These  are my Kahn RS-S w/ 235/40/18 Toyo T1S. Great handling low noise. Intrax  MC Suspension, StopTECH Brakes.




Mikeís BBS CHs

19x8.5" BBS CH ($449ea.) Nitto N-555 235/35ZR19 ($200ea.) Bought at SoundFX Total Cost Installed $2800 This car handles better than a friends 2000 911 Turbo with these wheels.  Completely Flawless Install/Fitment.  No Mods Needed whatsoever



S4MadManís AT Italia Rivas

AT Italia Rivas: 19 x 8.0 offset 38mm Continental ContiSports 235/35ZR19 H&R Springs, Koni Shocks Purchased from Avalon Motorsports Very, very minor rubbing with the above referenced set-up.  Stock brakes just clear the wheel spokes. Each wheel, a heavy 29 lbs. Very smooth ride and the ContiSports are quieter than stock! I feel the ride quality now is better and smoother than stock.


VTEC Killerís Mille Miglia Sports

Mille Miglia Action Sports 18 x 8 22lbs Kuhmo Ecsta 225 40 18

Stock Suspension Stock Brakes ( I did do brake ducting though) Very minimal road noise



Mike Gellerís Axis 7NS

axis 7ns 19/8 and 225-35-19 koni/intrax sus. nitto 555 tires inner plastic cut 1/2 inch




Alex Lewinís OZ Super Legerras

OZ Superleggera 17x8 235-40/17 Bridgestone S-03s Intrax/Koni "Motorola Cup" suspension Stoptech brakes with Hawk pads Wheels and tires from a local dealer, Wheel Works, that was willing to come close to "Rack" prices. It was worth some money to me for someone else to put the wheels on the car, remove the dead P6000s from the old wheels, provide lifetime balancing, etc. Brakes from Suspension from, installed at Dynospot. *Perfect* on the street. The S-03s grip like crazy in the dry. Haven't tried them yet in the rain. They are rather noisy on some surfaces. I wonder if PZero Rossos might have been a better choice for me.


Paulís AT Italias

18x8.5" ¬ AT Italia's in Anthracite with 235/40 P7000's They're a tad  heavier than stock, which is barely noticed when driving. I
love the wheels  and have been getting many looks.  Great finish too. Form over function this time around!



MoBrazen' BBS SX

18x8", ET 32, 21lbs, fitted with Firestone SZ50 EP's (225/40-18). Notes: Stock Suspension, stock brakes, wheel details are  in the forum thread






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