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Digital Video clips

Below are some video files I created from DV footage shot with my JVC DVL 9500 MiniDV camera. The video was downloaded onto my PC with an ADS Pyro FireWire card and processed using VideoStudio, VideoWave and Media Studio Pro.

Use Mediaplayer to play these clips. I recommend you download these clips before viewing them. If Mediaplayer appears as soon as you click on the link you should exit Mediaplayer and save the file by right clicking on the link and selecting Ďsave target así.

Get the DivX codec here.

Maui Fish

I put my camera in an EWA Marine underwater housing and shot some video during a recent trip to Maui, Hawaii. The quality of the source video was quite amazing I think. That is to say that I still have a lot to learn about proper composition etc. but I feel these first results are encouraging.

There are two different compositions of the same source material. I redid the edit for the Divx file in MSP because the original was done using VideoWave and was of very poor quality. I only spent about an hour on this clip so itís very basic. The background music was compressed with ADPCM. The intro is very low volume, it picks up later on.:

Maui Surf

The following clip is a short section of a larger vacation clip I made. It shows wind- and wave surfing as seen from a high vantage point in Maui.

∑       DivX encoded, around 6.5 MB

Maui Sunset

This was shot from our hotel balcony. Again a subclip of a larger vacation video. It shows how the auto exposure is trying to keep up with the changing lighting conditions as the sunsets behind Lanai.

∑       DivX encoded, around 8.6 MB

Bora Bora Rainbows

Hereís a short mpeg-2 clip that shows 3 shots of a rainbow over the lagoon outside Club Med in Bora Bora. I taped this during our honeymoon in May 1999.

∑       MPEG-2, 720x480 at 2000 Kb/s

Colibris (Humming birds) at our feeder

This clip is a demonstration of the great compression quality of the Divx codec. We have a feeder in our back yard that several colibris know real well. Iím fascinated by these little birds. Stock footage is in DV format, music is 44.8 Kb/s CD format .wav. I compressed using the DivX low motion codec, set to 400 Kb/s, 74 crisnness, keyframe every 10 frames. For the audio I used the standard MS ADCPM codec set to 11,025 Hz, 4 bit stereo. The frames are 1/4 the size of DV, 360x240. Framerate is NTSC standard. I used Cool 3D for the intro and credit animations.

Surprisingly this project encoded faster than realtime. The 1:26 minute clip took less than 1 minute to encode. This includes some minor title and overlay work as well as mixing audio.

NorCal Audi get-together (May 6th, 2000)

This is a quick clip of a dyno run at Dynospot in Mountain View. Youíll see a pan of the parking lot and an FWD TT make a lot of noise on the dyno. Background music is the same as for the Maui Fish clip (William Orbit):

Example reverse circle transition




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