Digital Video

Digital Video

One of my hobbies is digital video. I own a JVC DVL-9500 MiniDV camcorder and a Firewire setup on my computer. With Media Studio Pro I convert raw DV footage into clips for downloading, (S)VCDs for sending to my family etc.

My computer is a P3-933 (really a P3-700) based system with an ASUS CUSL2 motherboard, GeForce MX Twinview graphics, Montego A3DXstream audio, Pyro firewire, Promise Ultra100 EIDE adapter, 3COM 905 NIC running Win98SE and Win2K in a dual boot setup. I have 256 MB of CAS-2 PC-133 RAM and several IDE drives. I used to have UW SCSI as well but I had two drives fail and gave up on it. With EIDE I have all the speed I need for far less money. In fact those 7200 rpm Maxtor drives out scored my 10K rpm IBM UW-SCSI in all categories according to the Sandra tool.

Check the pages listed above for some video files and tips and tricks.

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