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Iíve built an underwater case for my digital video camera. The initial version was taken on 3 dives on October 2001. Resulting clips are referenced below. Also check out a little clip I took in Hawaii in July 2000. I used an EAW-Marine underwater housing thatís only good for the first 20 Feet or so.

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Sonora Bay, Mexico, October 2001

We went on a family vacation to Club Med Sonora Bay. They have an extended dive center there which means they train PADI courses all the way to Rescue Diver and do multi tank dives (really multiple single tank dives on the same trip. I went on a first trip early in the week and used the first dive to check out my buoyancy since Iíd never worn a 3 mm shorty before. On the second dive I tried my camera housing for the first time. Unfortunately I had a busted weight belt that kept slipping off so this did not help me maintain buoyancy very well or keep two hands on the camera. I do not yet have a processed clip from that dive.

The second trip was to Seal Island, about 17 miles from the Club. That was quite a ride as the waves were substantial. Several people got sick and I didnít feel great either but it was mostly anticipation I nervousness about the possibility of sea sickness I think. Once we got to our spot I felt fine.

On the first dive we were immediately greeted by Californa Sea Lions. This clip show them:

Here is a clip with some various critters (fish):

Some folks commented that the music used for the clips above was ĎElevatorí style so for an edit of the first footage I took with my camera I used something with more of a groove to it. Since the vis was pretty bad this clip isnít as interesting as the previous two:



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