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Iíve always liked snorkeling and scuba. When I was a little kid I had trouble with swimming underwater. I didnít want to stick my whole head under water somehow. This got resolved one vacation in South of France when my parents bought me my first scuba mask. I remember the brand, ĎMatchí. Old fashioned black rubber and an oval glass view port with a stainless steel strap around it. It couldnít even clear my ears in them since it didnít have a nose grip. That vacation (and back then they lasted 3 weeks) I got comfortable in the water. I donít know how old I was but I estimate 7 or 8.

After that vacation I was lucky enough that each summer vacation weíd go to Souther Europe, Corsica, Italy, Spain, France Yugoslavia (as it was then called). I always wanted to go snorkel. I got my first set of fins and after some trial and error I learned how to use them properly.

So finally about 12 years ago I got my first experience with scuba diving. This was again in the South of France. A no nonsense introduction to scuba diving. Get on a boat, listen to a guy talk about equalizing your ears and off you go. Not even a BC. Just a wetsuit, tank, regulator and weights. We went with a whole bunch of friends and had a great time. I have done several dives with them since. Some of them as deep as 30 M (100 ft).

After that I did scuba at Club Med Martinique, in Bora Bora and in Curacao.

PADI Certification

In August of 2001 I finally decided to become a certified scuba diver and got my Open Water certification. This was a lot of fun and made me realize how much more there is to scuba than Iíd been led to believe before. My open water dives were done in Monterey, California. The weather was nice but the water no so. The fact that it was cold was not a problem but the lack of visibility didnít help much. A lot of time is spent waiting either at the surface or on the bottom till the instructor decides itís your turn to do your tricks.

I indend to continue my diving education and Iím currently gathering my equipment. I own the following:

  • Tusa Expert Zoom split fins
  • Scuba pro mask
  • Oceanic DX4 First stage and Omega 2 second stage.
  • Tusa Imprex Pro BC (back inflated semi-tech)
  • Oceanic Datamax Pro dive computer (air integrated)
  • Boots, gloves
  • Misc gadgets

Other things on these pages

As time goes by I hope to provide intesting content on these pages:

  • Dive log
  • Underwater Videos and photos
  • Home built projects
  • Trip reports

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